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Sexual Assault Awareness Month

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Every year during the month of April, we work hard to educate about and raise awareness of sexual assault and sexual violence, as well as to show solidarity and support for survivors. To learn more about our efforts, explore the page below.

2023 SAAM Events

Bolton Refuge House Hosts the Green Bay Packers Tailgate Tour

Tuesday, April 11th, 2023, 6:00-7:30pm (VIP starts at 5pm) | The Lismore


The Green Bay Packers Tailgate Tour is a community outreach tour that serves as a thank you to their loyal fans while also assisting a local charity. Fans will have the opportunity for up-close and personal visits with current players Aaron Jones, Elgton Jenkins and Romeo Doubs, alumni players Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, Eddie Lacy and Davon House, and Packers President/CEO Mark Murphy.

Click here to learn more & purchase tickets

Tough Topics Book Club

Wednesday, April 19th, 2023, 6:00-7:30pm | L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library- Carnegie Room

A discussion of Boy Erased by Garrard Conley. Staff from the Family Support Center and Bolton Refuge House will be joining us for this discussion. Co-hosted by our Community Resource Specialist, Libby Richter, and Reference & Digital Services Librarian, Anna Zook.


Click here to learn more

What Were You Wearing

Wednesday, April 26th, 2023, 3:00-7:30pm | L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library- Riverview Room

Description: The Installation consists of short statements, provided with permission from survivors of sexual assault, and recreates the outfits the survivors were wearing during the assault. The goal is for participants to see themselves reflected in the outfits and the stories and that survivors who experience the Installation feel heard, validated, believed, and know that the assault was not their fault.


Click here to learn more

Tapping into the Community

Thursday, April 27th, 2023, 4:00-9:00pm | Growler Guys

If you would like to help support Bolton Refuge House stop in from 4pm to 9pm and 20% of ALL sales will be donated to the foundation!


Click here to learn more

Color For A Cause

Saylon Seven CfaC
Back with Tattoos

Color for a Cause started in 2015 with a BRH Intern with a dream. She wanted the community to have a way to show their support of survivors of sexual assault, and so Color for a Cause was born!

This year, Saylon Seven will be putting in teal hair extensions at Bolton Refuge House Hosts the Tailgate Tour! Learn more about this event and purchasing tickets at

Teal River Lights in Phoenix Park

Teal River LIghts

We are still seeking sponsors to help us light up the River Lights in Phoenix Park, Eau Claire in teal! For $100/night, you can help us raise awareness and show solidarity with victims and survivors.

Interested in being a sponsor? Click the button below!



Participate in our 30-Day Challenge! The full list is posted below. Follow us on Facebook for daily updates, details, and to share your success during the 30 Days of SAAM!

  1. Write a letter to your younger self

  2. Commit to do something to help survivors of sexual violence in your community​. Here are some examples:

    • Volunteer at BRH

    • Take the SAFE Bar Training for your venue

    • Take the Stewards of Children Training to learn how to prevent CSA

    • Provide SafeDates Training for youth in your life

    • Write a letter to your Wisconsin Congress representative on this topics. Here's a great resource to get started.

  3. Wear something teal today, teal is the official color of SAAM

  4. Listen to a podcast, song, or talk about SA or are created by a survivor of SA

  5. Building a healthy relationship with yourself ​

  6. Take time for your favorite form of self-care​

  7. Try something new for self-care! Never meditated? Try it! Want to try a new form of art? Go for it! ​

  8. Read these tips on how to be a supportive person:

  9. Find the answer to a question you have about healthy relationships ​

  10. Learn about Consent​

  11. Watch a video that uses everyday examples of consent. Here are some examples:

  12. Practice everyday consent. Here are some examples: 

    • Asking a child in your life if you can have a hug and giving them the chance to decide

    • Letting a friend know they can change their mind on what game they want to play together

    • Asking a romantic partner if you can post a selfie of the two of you on social media

    • Asking someone you life with if you can change where something is kept

    • Knocking before entering someone’s office and asking if you can enter

  13. Thank a supportive person in your life

  14. Like and share one SAAM post

  15. Take a picture with the bridge lit in teal at Phoenix Park for SAAM (or any other teal you see)

  16. Read from the perspective of a survivor of SA

  17. Learn about bystander intervention - SAFE Bar Network is a great place to start.​

  18. Learn about an important figure in the fight against sexual violence. Here are some examples!

    • Tarana Burke

    • Rosa Parks

    • Recy Taylor

    • Kym Worthy,

    • Mariska Hargitay

  19. Do you know the policies at your work or school that create protective environments and increase safety? If you don’t, find them out

  20. Breathe, just take today to keep coming back to focus on your breathing

  21. Learn a law about sexual assault. Click here to read laws by state

  22. Challenge a misconception - myth/reality

  23. Learn about diversity among survivors by reading a survivor story:

  24. Like or follow someone who talks about sexual assault on social media

  25. Learn about local/state officials and their work in sexual assault legislation.

  26. Track emotions for the day! Here are some great ways to get you started.

  27. Wear Denim for Denim Day!

  28. Learn about important events that shaped sexual assault awareness. Here's a great recent history.

  29. Share a statistic about sexual assault on your page. Here's a resource for finding statistics.

  30. How will you apply what you’ve learned this month for the rest of the year? Think about ways you can ensure you keep the conversation going. Here are some ideas! 

    • Follow a social media account about sexual violence prevention. (The BRH Facebook page is a great starting point)

    • Start a book club with friends where you read about the experiences of survivors of sexual assault

    • Listen to the Silence No More podcast

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