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Survivor Stories Wall

*This page is under construction - please excuse the lack of content while we gather stories!

Survivors come from all walks of life. They are our neighbors, friends, coworkers, and family. Survivors are diverse, resilient, thriving, struggling, and still healing. Your story, wherever you are in your journey, is valid. Read stories and words of encouragement from survivors below.

Want to share your story? Submit it here. All stories are posted anonymously, and we do not collect any personally identifying information. You are in charge of your story. 

Dear Readers: This wall is intended to be a safe, judgement-free place for survivors to anonymously share their stories, for both their own healing and for the healing and encouragement of others. It is also a place for everyone to read stories for education and solidarity. Out of respect to survivors, please do not copy/paste, screenshot, or otherwise collect or copy these stories. 

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