Volunteering at Bolton Refuge House can be a very rewarding experience! Volunteering yourself or your group is easy and scheduling is very flexible. More and more employers are offering incentives to their employees for volunteering their time. Why? It has been shown that allowing employees to volunteer actually helps businesses succeed!  Whether you are interested in gaining experience, getting involved in your community, or are taking advantage of an employer's incentives, volunteering at Bolton Refuge House is a great choice! 

Our Needs

Shelter Support

Cleaning and organizing are a constant need for our shelter, and is an easy way for anyone to give us a hand. If there is no special project going on, then you can help us keep up on our chores that are listed on the whiteboard in the front desk. Sign up on this Doodle Poll.


Crisis Phone Training

If you’d like to help out more at our front desk, including taking phone calls, then you must receive our Lethality Assessment Protocol (LAP) training before doing so. We will be holding training sessions for volunteers on every second Thursday of the month at roughly 2pm. If you’re interested, please email volunteer@boltonrefuge.org


Donation Pick Up

We also need a few volunteers to assist with donation pick ups on Mondays and Fridays, at any time during the day. Please contact our volunteer coordinator if you can help!



Helping out with the kiddos here is another ongoing need for families that are staying in the shelter. Whether it’s daycare or children’s groups, help is always appreciated! Please email volunteer@boltonrefuge.org if you’d like to get more involved. If you’re already trained, then you can fill out the June Childcare Signup Sheet.

Children’s Summer Camp

To add to our children’s programming here, we are planning to facilitate a weeklong summer camp for children using our services. To make this successful, we need your help! If you’d like to assist with facilitating activities and provide lessons to kiddos during the day for this program, please email volunteer@boltonrefuge.org


Recycling Assistance

We are seeking volunteers to pick up recycling and compost materials at the shelter and drop them off at the proper locations. This will help keep our facility clean and increase our agency’s sustainability. Email volunteer@boltonrefuge.org if this interests you.


With lots of rain and sunshine comes healthy and hearty plants! Many of the plants at our shelter and TLP buildings need care, and our lawns need weeding. We need help at both our Eau Claire and Jackson County facilities.



Volunteers are a very valuable part of BRH programing.

BRH welcomes anyone who simply wishes to make a difference in their community to volunteer their time and talents.  If you are interested in volunteering please complete this form and our volunteer coordinator will be in contact with you soon! 


Volunteer My Group 

Is your business, organization, or group interested in organizing a volunteer activity? Please fill out this form and our volunteer coordinator will contact you shortly!


Volunteering FAQ

Q. How old do volunteers need to be?

A. BRH welcomes volunteers of all ages, though volunteers who are under the age of 13 must be volunteering with an adult and with the permission of their guardian/parent. Volunteers 13-17 must have guardian/parent permission.

Q. What do volunteers do at Bolton Refuge House?

A. There are a lot of different things that volunteers can help with - it depends on their interests! From weeding and gardening, answering phones, watching children, cleaning, and planning events are some of ways in which volunteers help, but there are many more ways to get involved! See Our Needs above to learn more about how you can help.

Q. I am required to volunteer for school, can I do this at BRH?

A. Yes! The BRH Volunteer Coordinator can help you with this.

Q. I am court ordered to do community service time, can I do this at BRH?

A. Possibly, please contact the BRH Volunteer Coordinator for more information.

Q. Can I volunteer with my friends/club/team/organization?

A. Yes! BRH always has projects that could use a larger group to get things done! Fill out the "Volunteer My Group" form to get started!