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Emergency Shelter

Bolton Refuge House operates an 18-bedroom emergency shelter for individuals who are in imminent danger of violence in their current living situation. We are the only emergency shelter agency in Eau Claire, WI with support staff available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Each person's situation is unique, so anyone seeking shelter meets with an advocate to talk about their individual needs and learn about their options. Just like all of our services, emergency sheltering comes at no cost to the victim.

24-hour crisis hotline

Advocates are available via a telephone crisis line which is answered 24-hours a day, seven days per week, (including weekends and holidays). Victim Advocates are available to listen, to provide options, safety plan and share information and referrals with you. Call whenever you can for yourself or for someone you care about. All calls can remain anonymous. 715.834.9578 or 855.5.BOLTON

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