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Bolton Refuge House, Inc provides services for victims of sexual assault, intimate partner violence, stalking, and domestic violence in Buffalo, Eau Claire, and Jackson Counties. 

Eau Claire County

Mailing Address

PO Box 482

Eau Claire, WI 54702-0482

Street Address

807 S. Farwell St

Eau Claire, WI 54701



(24/7 crisis hotline)

Please note that personal mail for clients using our sheltering services will not be accepted at our PO Box or our street address. Options for receiving mail while staying at our facility include purchasing your own PO Box or signing up for General Delivery. For more information, visit our Contact page. If you are sending mail to one of our victim advocates, please include Attn: [advocate name] in the address to ensure that it reaches the correct person.

Jackson County Outreach

Buffalo County Outreach

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