Youth &



Violence affects people of all ages so Bolton Refuge House, Inc strives to meet the unique needs of each family served. Through the Youth and Family Advocacy Program, advocates are able to provide one to ones and mentoring, as well as support groups for youth who have been affected by domestic violence. Both adults and youth are able to participate in dog therapy in individual or group settings. Partnerships with area schools help ensure that the educational needs of children are not interrupted due to domestic violence and also provides opportunities to educate youth in a classroom setting about domestic violence and the aspects of a healthy relationship. The Youth and Family Advocacy Program supports and educates all victims of violence within a family in order to stop the cycle of violence and to foster healing along the way.

Dog Therapy

*Held in Eau Claire

Through a partnership with Therapy Dogs International, Bolton Refuge House began offering dog therapy to victims of domestic violence in 2014. Currently, three beautiful dogs come on a weekly basis to assist in the healing process for both adults and children.

For more information, please call the Family Interactions Advocate at 715.834.9578

Safe Dates Program

Safe Dates is an evidence-based program used to teach adolescence about dating violence and the difference between abusive relationships and healthy relationships. The Safe Dates Program is offered to all schools and other youth programs in Eau Claire County. For more information on Safe Dates, please call the Family Interactions Advocate at 715.834.9578

Children's Support Group

*Held in Eau Claire

Child and Youth Support Groups are held during Adult Support Groups on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Staff and trained volunteers provide a safe and supportive environment for children to thrive while their parents also heal in a supportive setting.  

For more information, please call the Family Interactions Advocate at 715.834.9578